Sensory Playgroup

NEWSFLASH!   Unfortunately the Sensory Playgroup has been cancelled this week, but will be back on Saturday November 15th as usual.
 Please join us!!

Sensory Play Group - Saturdays 11am to 1pm
Suitable for pre-school children age 0 - 5yrs

Help families that may have difficulties attending ordinary playgroups.
Enable parents to use sensory equipment and resources to help with sensory integration difficulties.
Meet other parents for advice and help. 
Provide a safe environment for children to play, communicate, relax and socialise.

Supported sensory play
Encouragement in developing social and communication skills
An individual approach to sensory integration
Support for parents 
A supportive environment to help with issues your child may have around sounds, touch and the space around them.
A place to stimulate the senses with sounds, colour and textures.
A place to explore and relax.