"Front of House"

Lead Coach: Jackie Rust

I joined Tiggers in February 2008 never having been on a trampoline in my life before and not having had any experience of the autistic spectrum. I began as a spotter and in July 2009 took and passed my Level 1 assistant coach qualification.  I then went on to do my Level 2 full coach qualification which I passed in September 2010. I became the lead coach in 2012. I've also done British Gymnastics GMPD disability coaching qualification. We do almost every Sunday session and have been doing so since 2008. I also have both my Safeguarding and First Aid qualifications.

Level 2 Coach: Dave Rust

I was the first volunteer when the club started back in 2004 and became the BG coach for Tiggers a month later. 
I have my GMPD,  rebound therapy, safeguarding, time to listen, club management and first aid awards as well as being a level 2 trampoline coach. M
y sporting background comes from my time in the air force where I enjoyed rugby, weight lifting, badminton and route marching. I have been on the committee since 2004. Tiggers is a big part of my life and an extension of my family!

Level 2 Coach: Kirsty Bancroft

I joined Tiggers in 2007 volunteering as a spotter and was trained up to first Level 1 then Level 2 coaching. I've been a level 2 trampoline coach since 2010 and have run the Wednesday session ever since. I have a degree in sports coaching and FA level 1 in football. I have done several additional courses including emergency first aid, safeguarding and protecting children, equity and disability coaching and Level 1 British sign language.

Level 1 Coaches: 

The current Level 1 coaches who work regularly with Tiggers include Suzanne Pinder and Donna Hollamby (see below) and we have several occasional coaches who assist our sessions on an ad hoc basis.

Admin assistant and reception: Nigel Bland

Nigel is a very important part of the Sunday Tiggers team who turns up every week to man the desk, sign everyone in, take bookings for our events, pass on information, hand out forms and keep the paperwork in order. 

Welfare Officer and autism adviser: Joscelyn Cawood

Joscelyn is a parent and qualified safeguarding officer who keeps a close eye on our safety and safeguarding, updates us on policies and is the first point of contact if you have a safeguarding issue or concern for welfare of any kind.

Dedicated welfare email address: [email protected]

"Behind the Scenes"

Committee - 2020 - 2021

Secretary, autism adviser and Level 1 coach: Suzanne Pinder

My sons are both on the autistic spectrum and my younger son joined Tiggers in 2005. There was very little other support for families at this time and Tiggers became a lifeline. I joined the committee in 2006 as a parent representative and volunteer. I have been a Registered General Nurse for 30 years which has helped me to negotiate the minefield of diagnosis, statementing, speech therapy, social services and finding the right school! I am also a qualified teacher and gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Autism in 2011. I know how important it is for families to have support and somewhere safe to bring their children, where they won't feel judged and can talk about their experiences.

Treasurer: Hilary Ainge

Hilary has been involved with Tiggers since her son became a member many years ago. She looks after the purse strings, pays the bills and keeps us on the ball when funds are running low! She, and her late husband Bruce, were very active in the committee keeping Tiggers running for many years and Hilary is still a vital part of the Tiggers team.


Parent Representative: Denise Robinson

Denise is another recruit from amongst the parents of our longstanding members and her son is a regular attendee at Sunday sessions. Her background in education support is an asset to the club.

Charity Administrator & Level 1 coach: Donna Hollamby

My son and nephew both joined TIggers in 2006 and I helped with spotting. I had previously worked as a disability riding instructor so I was persuaded to do some trampoline coaching. I joined the committee and have helped in various roles over the years. I have taken courses in trampoline coaching, first aid, safeguarding, coaching disability, equity and more. Most of my experience comes from bringing up a child with autism to adulthood. We have been through diagnosis, speech and occupational therapy, statementing, mainstream school integration, DLA forms, the fight for support services, and many more things far too grim to want to remember, including 12 years with almost no sleep.....

I.T. Adviser: Samuel Pinder

I joined Blackpool Tiggers in 2007 and provide support with all IT queries and upgrades. I became part of the committee in June 2014. I was diagnosed with aspergers at the age of five and my brother is severely and profoundly autistic. I believe this gives me an insight into why autistic people behave how they do and I use this knowledge to help Tiggers.

My Degree is in Web Systems Development and I am never happier than when I am taking apart computers. This has been my hobby from being about five years old but nowadays I succeed in putting them back together and making them work again. Sometimes.

Charity Chair and Level 2 Coach: Dave Rust (see above)


Lead Coach: Jackie Rust (see above)


Welfare Officer and autism adviser: Joscelyn Cawood (see above)


Parent Representative: John Cawood

Holiday Programme Volunteer: Emma Bonney


Trustees needed!

We need new faces to join our committee and help keep our charity running for the future. Think you can help? We usually only meet once every 2 months so it's not a massive task! Please speak to a committee member if you're interested. Remember we are  a parent led charity!